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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Challenge #117 - "Lace and Pearls"

Hi Everyone, Pat here bringing you a brand new Challenge at Fab'n'Funky but before we get round to that we have to announce our winner from last week's challenge which was "ON ALL FOURS" and boy did we see some fantastic projects from you all with some great four legged friends, such a pity there can only be one winner and that is:

Nanna Connie from Mygrammysattic

Many congratulations from everyone on the DT and please email us your details and we will let you know how to claim your prize. Please do not forget to grab your Challenge Winners badge too.

Our "TOP 3" chosen by Judith and after much deliberation (and in no particular order), Judith has chosen the following entries as her Top 3:

Craftin Suzie from Craftinsuzie

Heide D from Heide D Paperie

Renate from rekreasjoner

Many congrats to you all and your "TOP 3" badge can be found in the sidebar (or even above!) to display on your blogs with pride.

Now on to this weeks challenge which is being sponsored by

DigiDoodle Shop is the results of a mother and daughter’s love for the arts andcrafts. It was started a little over 3years ago with a little more than 100 stamps, and has since then grown to almost500 stamps. Joy (the mother of thisteam) designs realistic images, while Judy (aka/daughter) loves the “fun sideof life”, and create images with a cartoon flair. Having these two complimenting styles haveenabled
DigiDoodle Shop to offer a wide variety of stamps.

Itis a real honor and pleasure to sponsor this challenge, and we look forward toseeing all the amazing creations. Wethank the design team for their incredible creations, and wish all theparticipants the very best of luck in this challenge.

Thank you so much for having us, and againthe very best of luck to all of you.
Judy and Joy

I have chosen the following challenge this week:


So get out your gorgeous lace, your beautiful pearls, enter our challenge and here are some super projects by the fabulous Design Team to hopefully inspire you:

(Using sponsor sentiment from Digi Doodle Shop)

using sponsor image from Digi Doodle Shop called Baby Girl

Using Sponsor Image called Daisy Girl

Using sponsor image called Perfume from Paris Set 1

(using sponsor image)

(using Digi Doodle Shop field of flowers)

Using Digi Doodle Shop image Daisy Girl

Have a great week everyone and we can't wait to visit you all to see your gorgeous lace and pearl projects,

The Fab'n'Funky DT


  1. Hi, Super challenge! posting my card in a hurry here, so I'll leave the link in this comment, seeing as there is no linky-tool i can see :)

  2. cant see a linky so here is my card
    hugs sara x x x

  3. Hi Ladies great challenge can not see mr linky

    here is my card
    lindyloo x

  4. Hi girls can't find Mr Frog so here is where my card is
    The DT have created some beauties, well done.
    Lorraine x

  5. Great DT cards. No link so here is my card:

  6. Fabulous challenge :) and gorgeous inspiration by the DT!

    Hugs Ann x

  7. Lovely creations form the DT. I really like Wendy's card. :-)

  8. fab cts cards ..allso sweet have added my card hugs sassyx

  9. Thanks for the opportunity to showcase our work. As always the inspiration provided by the DT was wonderful

  10. I'm so excited to be a winner! I've tried e-mailing but have gotten error messages twice now that it can't be delivered. I copied the e-mail address shown here on the blog but it won't go through. Is it possible for someone to e-mail me at prfconnie (AT) gmail (DOT) com? Thank you.

  11. Thanks for choosing me as one of your Top 3 xx

  12. Oh Oh.... Please remove my entry #45. I entered it and it was the wrong URL..... It was an older entry I rented with #46.... Thanks and I am so sorry for the error!!!!

  13. wonderful DT creations! thanks for the challenge!

  14. Lovely cards by the DT's And a wonderful fun challenge,

  15. Beautiful inspirational work ladies, thanks. Also thanks for the fun challenge, enjoyed playing along. Hugs lin

  16. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is and that I am now following you. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  17. Great challenge !
    Wonderful, creative makes from all the DT - Thanky you !
    Susan x

  18. I thought I'd added my card to Mr Linky on the 23rd, but can't see linky anymore. No one from the DT has been by so I'm assuming it went missing. You will find my card here, if you are able to give it a look-see. Hugs lin

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Many thanks from everyone at "Fab 'n' Funky" Challenges for joining in with us this week. We can't wait to see your project.